Mezcal: Everything you want to know

Of the world's best mezcales Reviewed

In the previous couple of years, mezcal’s turn into a somewhat of a boutique interest in the United States—and in light of current circumstances. Mezcal is everything city-abiding, cash spending trendy people like out of a soul. It’s cloud. It’s natural. Its little clump. It’s arcane (in a decent manner). Furthermore, above all, it’s artisanal.

This likely sounds equivalent amounts of engaging and befuddling, if you’re new to mezcal. So we should move down a second. Mezcal, like tequila, is made by refining the juice from the centers or piñas—of the agave plant.

Though tequila must be made of the blue agave mixture in Jalisco and a couple of different states in focal Mexico, mezcal more often than not hails from the most distant south of Mexico (read: Oaxaca). The refining process also differs on the grounds that mezcaleros broil the piñas over blazing hot shakes in earthen hills.

This is the place mezcal gets its evidently gritty and radiantly smoky flavor. Once broiled, the piñas are pounded underneath an ancient looking stone wheel pulled by a steed or jackass and afterward refined in wooden barrels or claypots. It’s all, exceptionally artisanal.

The word mezcal originates from the Nahuatl words metl and ixcalli, which taken together signify “broiler cooked agave.” Like tequila, mezcal is made by cooking agave hearts in a stove.

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mezcal Vago Elote

Vago Elote

Aquilino Garcia Lopez adds roasted corn from his farm to the Vago Elote. The roasted corn taste shines through to the finish.

mezcal Mestizo Reposado

Mestizo Reposado

Mestizo Reposado is aged for 8 months in white oak barrels. It won the Gold Medal at the 13th Annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

mezcal Rey Campero Chato

Rey Campero Chato

Rey Campero Chato is a special release from Maestro Mezcalero Romulo Sanchez Parada. This is only available for retail at Moreno’s Liquor in Chicago.

mezcal Siete Misterios Mexicano

Siete Misterios Mexicano

Siete Misterios Mexicano is the most rare of their releases. They only produce about 200 bottles of this each year, so make sure to try it if you see it.

mezcal 400 Conejos Joven

400 Conejos Joven

400 Conejos Joven is used mostly for mixed drinks. At 38% ABV, it’s a nice choice that will not overpower a drink.

mezcal Rayu Espadin

Rayu Espadin

Mezcal Rayu Espadin Joven is produced by Isaias Martinez Juan in San Juan del Rio, Oaxaca. This artisanal mezcal has notes of fruits such as banana, mango, pineapple and a touch of caramel.

mezcal Fidencio Unico

Fidencio Unico

Fidencio Unico is slightly sweet with subtle aromas of charcoal, green apple and pear. It’s made from farm grown agave Espadin.

mezcal Los Javis Cerrudo

Los Javis Cerrudo

Los Javis Cerrudo is made in Santiago Matatlan, the “Mezcal Capital of the World,” which is just outside Oaxaca City.

mezcal Del Maguey Minero

Del Maguey Minero

One hour beyond the village of Chichicapa and through a mountain pass, one arrives at Santa Catarina Minas. This Mezcal smells of flower essence and vanilla.

mezcal Gracias a Dios Tepextate

Gracias a Dios Tepextate

Gracias a Dios Tepextate is made with 25-year old wild agave. Agave Tepextate has a lot of character in its aftertaste and deeply complex flavor.

mezcal Origen Raiz Durango

Origen Raiz Durango

Origen Raiz Cenizo is made in the state of Durango by a mezcalero who originally hails from Oaxaca. The ranch where this mezcal is made is at a high elevation and can receive frost during winter.

mezcal Clande Sotol (Green)

Clande Sotol (Green)

Clande Sotol (Green) is produced in small batches by Chito Fernandez in Ciudad Madera, Chihuahua using dasylirion wheeleri sotol plants.

mezcal Leyenda Guerrero

Leyenda Guerrero

Leyenda Guerrero is made with agave Cupreata that grows wild in a grove of oak trees for 7 to 10 years before reaching maturity.

mezcal Koch Espadin

Koch Espadin

Koch Espadin has sweet, fruity tones and a light taste of coconut mixed with herbs and spices. It’s made with 100% farm-grown agave Espadin.

mezcal El Silencio Espadin

El Silencio Espadin

El Silencio Espadin is handmade in small batches, and is designed for high-end use in mixology. If you’re looking for a good mixer, this might be it.

mezcal Pescador de Sueños Tepextate

Pescador de Sueños Tepextate

Pescador de Sueños Tepextate is made at a rustic palenque in the beautiful and remote San Juan del Rio region of Oaxaca.

mezcal Mezcalosfera Madrecuixe

Mezcalosfera Madrecuixe

Mezcalosfera Madrecuixe is made with wild agave Madrecuixe. This is the first single varietal Mezcalosfera available in the US.