Mezcal: Everything you want to know

Of the world's best mezcales Reviewed

In the previous couple of years, mezcal’s turn into a somewhat of a boutique interest in the United States—and in light of current circumstances. Mezcal is everything city-abiding, cash spending trendy people like out of a soul. It’s cloud. It’s natural. Its little clump. It’s arcane (in a decent manner). Furthermore, above all, it’s artisanal.

This likely sounds equivalent amounts of engaging and befuddling, if you’re new to mezcal. So we should move down a second. Mezcal, like tequila, is made by refining the juice from the centers or piñas—of the agave plant.

Though tequila must be made of the blue agave mixture in Jalisco and a couple of different states in focal Mexico, mezcal more often than not hails from the most distant south of Mexico (read: Oaxaca). The refining process also differs on the grounds that mezcaleros broil the piñas over blazing hot shakes in earthen hills.

This is the place mezcal gets its evidently gritty and radiantly smoky flavor. Once broiled, the piñas are pounded underneath an ancient looking stone wheel pulled by a steed or jackass and afterward refined in wooden barrels or claypots. It’s all, exceptionally artisanal.

The word mezcal originates from the Nahuatl words metl and ixcalli, which taken together signify “broiler cooked agave.” Like tequila, mezcal is made by cooking agave hearts in a stove.

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mezcal El Jolgorio Jabali

El Jolgorio Jabali

El Jolgorio Jabali is an extremely rare and limited release. Consider yourself lucky if you have the opportunity to try this mezcal.

mezcal Yuu Baal Tepeztate

Yuu Baal Tepeztate

Yuu Baal Tepeztate has sweet herbal notes of wild plants and cooked flowers. It’s made with wild agave Tepeztate that can take up to 35 years to mature.

mezcal Del Maguey San Luis del Rio Azul

Del Maguey San Luis del Rio Azul

Del Maguey San Luis del Rio Azul is made with agave Azul, which is traditionally used only in Tequila. It is part of the Vino de Mezcal series.

mezcal Agave de Cortes Extra Anejo

Agave de Cortes Extra Anejo

Agave de Cortes Extra Anejo is aged for three years and eight months. This aging gives the mezcal it’s dark color and sweet flavor.

mezcal Noble Coyote Capon

Noble Coyote Capon

Noble Coyote Capon is made in Santiago Matatlan by Marcos & Eleazar Brena. It’s double distilled in a copper alembic still.

mezcal El Yope Tobala

El Yope Madrecuixe

El Yope Madrecuixe is made by Don Ismael Rosales, whose family has been making mezcal and selling it in local markets for generations.

mezcal Rezpiral Arroqueno

Rezpiral Arroqueno

Rezpiral Arroqueno is made by Reina Sanchez. She is well known throughout the region as one of the more unique distillers in all of Oaxaca.

mezcal Alacrán Joven

Alacrán Joven

Alacrán Joven is a bit smokey with a hint of fruit and herbs. This mezcal is produced by maestro mezcalero Lucio Morales.

mezcal Vago Ensamble – Aquilino

Vago Ensamble – Aquilino

Vago Ensamble from Aquilino is done in extremely small batches that are very hard to find. If you see a bottle of this, try it.

mezcal Dos Jaimes Joven

Dos Jaimes Joven

Dos Jaimes Joven is the first release from the brand that is made in partnership between Pierde Almas Mezcal and Two James Spirits in Detroit.

mezcal Derrumbes Zacatecas

Derrumbes Zacatecas

Derrumbes Zacatecas is a rare traditionally produced mezcal made with blue agave, which is more widely known for it’s use in tequila.

mezcal Espíritu Lauro Joven

Espíritu Lauro Joven

Espíritu Lauro Joven is an ensamble made in San Agustin Amatengo, Oaxaca. It’s a bright mezcal with soft notes of smoke and dried herbs.

mezcal Bozal Tobasiche

Bozal Tobasiche

Bozal Tobasiche has high minerality and an abnormally sweet nose. It’s rather light on the palate with strong notes of anise.

mezcal Bruxo X

Bruxo X

Bruxo X is a post-distillation blend of 80% agave Espadin mezcal and 20% agave Barril mezcal with notes of citrus peels, fruit, chamomile, mineral notes, and light honey.

mezcal Del Maguey Madrecuixe

Del Maguey Madrecuixe

Del Maguey Madrecuixe has notes of banana leaf, green papaya, and fresh cut bamboo, which give way to tropical fruits of mango and pineapple.

mezcal Vago Madre Cuixe

Vago Madre Cuixe

Vago Madre Cuixe is made with wild agave that takes between 12-15 years to mature, and grows in lower, hotter climates locally known as tierra caliente.