Mezcal: Everything you want to know

Of the world's best mezcales Reviewed

In the previous couple of years, mezcal’s turn into a somewhat of a boutique interest in the United States—and in light of current circumstances. Mezcal is everything city-abiding, cash spending trendy people like out of a soul. It’s cloud. It’s natural. Its little clump. It’s arcane (in a decent manner). Furthermore, above all, it’s artisanal.

This likely sounds equivalent amounts of engaging and befuddling, if you’re new to mezcal. So we should move down a second. Mezcal, like tequila, is made by refining the juice from the centers or piñas—of the agave plant.

Though tequila must be made of the blue agave mixture in Jalisco and a couple of different states in focal Mexico, mezcal more often than not hails from the most distant south of Mexico (read: Oaxaca). The refining process also differs on the grounds that mezcaleros broil the piñas over blazing hot shakes in earthen hills.

This is the place mezcal gets its evidently gritty and radiantly smoky flavor. Once broiled, the piñas are pounded underneath an ancient looking stone wheel pulled by a steed or jackass and afterward refined in wooden barrels or claypots. It’s all, exceptionally artisanal.

The word mezcal originates from the Nahuatl words metl and ixcalli, which taken together signify “broiler cooked agave.” Like tequila, mezcal is made by cooking agave hearts in a stove.

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mezcal Rey Campero Chato

Rey Campero Chato

Rey Campero Chato is a special release from Maestro Mezcalero Romulo Sanchez Parada. This is only available for retail at Moreno’s Liquor in Chicago.

mezcal Puntagave Rustico Mezcal

Puntagave Rustico Mezcal

Puntagave Rustico Mezcal is produced by Patricio Hernandez in Santiago Matalan and has notes of moderate oak and sweet agave with a long viscous finish of lasting oak and notes of cedar.

mezcal Real Minero Barril

Real Minero Barril

Real Minero Barril is made using agave Barril, which makes this Mezcal full-bodied with notes of tropical fruit and vanilla.

mezcal La Venenosa Raicilla Etnica Tutsi

La Venenosa Raicilla Etnica Tutsi

La Venenosa Tutsi is an agave spirit from the Huichol people in northwest Jalisco. It disappeared for nearly 25 years and is now produced in small batches by a single producer.

mezcal La Maliciosa Reposado

La Maliciosa Reposado

La Maliciosa Reposado is aged in oak barrels for 6-8 months before bottling, giving this mezcal a caramel taste and color.

mezcal La Niña del Mezcal Bacanora

La Niña del Mezcal Bacanora

La Niña del Mezcal Bacanora is doubled-distilled by Rafael Encinas in San Pedro de la Cueva, Sonora. It is briny and viscous with notes of fruit and agave sugar.

mezcal Pensador Ensamble

Pensador Ensamble

Pensador Mezcal is produced by Don Atenogenes García in Miahuatlán using 70% agave Espadin and 30% agave Madrecuishe.

mezcal 5 Sentidos Sierra Negra
Sierra Negra

5 Sentidos Sierra Negra

5 Sentidos Sierra Negra is a small-batch mezcal made in Oaxaca with agave Sierra Negra. The high altitude at which this is produced makes the fermentation unique.

mezcal Del Maguey Arroqueno

Del Maguey Arroqueno

The Del Maguey Arroqueno is a limited special edition made from giant semi-wild, agave Arroqueño. The maker dedicated this Mezcal to Thor Heyerdahl.

mezcal Donaji Añejo

Donaji Añejo

Donaji Anejo is aged for 10 years before bottling. This length of barrel aging is almost never seen in the world of mezcal.

mezcal Rey Campero Tepextate

Rey Campero Tepextate

Rey Campero Tepextate is made from wild Tepextate that has matured 15-18 years before harvest. Rey Campero means “King of the Countryside” in Spanish.

mezcal Marqués Plata

Marqués Plata

Mezcal Marquéz Plata from Jaral de Berrio is a joven mezcal produced in the state of Guanajuato using agave Salmiana.

mezcal Don Mateo Alto

Don Mateo Alto

Don Mateo Alto is ripe with agave, pine, and citrus. Strong citrous fruit notes mingle with deep earthy tones through a long smokey finish.

mezcal Lalocura Tepeztate

Lalocura Tepeztate

Lalocura Tepeztate is made by Eduardo Angeles, who got his start alongside his father, the late, great Don Lorenzo of Real Minero.

mezcal Bosscal Mezcal Joven

Bosscal Mezcal Joven

Bosscal Mezcal Joven is hand selected and produced by a 4th generation Mezcalero in collaboration with the Bosscal team. This mezcal has light smoke and soft citrus notes.

mezcal Amaras Cupreata

Amaras Cupreata

The Amaras Cupreata uses the rare and wild Cupreata agave that can only be found on certain mountain slopes in the Rio Balsas basin.

mezcal Yuu Baal Tepeztate

Yuu Baal Tepeztate

Yuu Baal Tepeztate has sweet herbal notes of wild plants and cooked flowers. It’s made with wild agave Tepeztate that can take up to 35 years to mature.

mezcal Sacacuento Joven

Sacacuento Joven

Sacacuento Joven is made with estate-grown agave Espadin. It has notes of wet earth and oak with light touches of sweet smoke.