How To Drink Mezcal?

Mezcal is a standout amongst the most interesting alcohols out there. Despite the fact that it has been made subsequent to the 16th century in Mexico, it is a little while ago beginning to end up prevalent in the US. So if you’re new to Wild Shot, you may be considering, “that is a cool looking jug, and I truly like Toby Keith. I ought to attempt it! In any case, hold up, how are you expected to drink mezcal?” Well your companions here at Wild Shot have got you secured.

Mezcal is fairly to tequila yet if tequila is the electric guitar of spirits, then mezcal is Jimi Hendrix’s Strat at Monterey: volume turned, bolstering back like damnation, and ablaze.

For learners attempting to manageable the soul, we suggest supplanting a large portion of an ounce of your other liquor with mezcal. Look at our formulas page for Toby Keith’s signature mixed drink called, The Blue Mezcalita, a basically must have formula mixed drink for the late spring for apprentices and veterans alike.

For mezcal veterans, we prescribe drinking mezcal straight like you would taste a scotch or cognac. Take it from Toby: “I chill it and taste it… like you would bourbon.” Salt or new orange or lime cuts are a pleasant compliment to the solid, smoky vigorous kind of mezcal.

There are a lot of approaches to appreciate mezcal. Simply take after Toby’s recommendation… “I couldn’t care less if you taste it or shoot it! For hell’s sake, place it in a needle and stick it in your arm! I couldn’t care less! Viva Mexico!”